Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence at Peoria Hebrew Day School

Our school provides a stimulating, supportive environment where students are presented with a spectrum of academic challenges that not only imbue them with knowledge, but enable them to develop the skills to approach new challenges with confidence and ease. Small classroom size allows for greater individual assessment of needs and attention. In the case of either need for support or need for enhanced learning, our school has the flexibility and high quality faculty to accomplish the task. Research indicates that small class size is the single most important factor in successful mastery of reading and math skills.


Our students continually place in the top percentages in nationwide IOWA Basic Skills testing. Student Presentation at Peoria Hebrew Day School
Our academic program focuses on the following areas of study:

  • Science, Math & Social Studies
  • Language Arts & Reading
  • Hebrew Language
  • Jewish History, Ritual, and Torah Study
  • Technology
  • Fine Arts, including drama and Israeli dance

The Upper Grades

Our philosophy of meeting every student’s needs led us to create a distinct program for 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders. Recognizing the developmental needs of young adolescents, we have created a community of learners that know and care about each other. Our small class size encourages close, trusting relationships between students and teachers, increasing engagement with learning and promoting positive self-esteem. The curriculum blends traditional and project based learning; provides opportunity for independent study; and offers learning experiences outside of the classroom. There is a focus on developmentally appropriate issues such as character development, self-reliance, and identity. Our students emerge from the Peoria Hebrew Day School ready to meet the academic, social, and emotional challenges ahead.

Outstanding Faculty

Our faculty is made up of Educational professionals with a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and expertise. Many of our teachers have advanced degrees in specialty areas and decades of teaching experience. Our faculty enjoys limited turn over, not only increasing our sense of community and continuity but allowing continued growth and evaluation of our academic program.

Values & Ethics

At every age, children are faced with ethical dilemmas forcing them to make choices about how they treat and value themselves and others. Whether a simple issue, like sharing, or a complex one, like deciding to whom and how much tzedakah, or charity, to give, our students are taught how to evaluate situations and apply Jewish values and ethics to make good choices for their own behavior.

People must have a firm understanding of themselves and their identity before they can go out into the world and understand and learn about others in a respectful way. At our school, children develop a strong Jewish identity that is buttressed by knowledge and comfort with Jewish ritual. Our curriculum includes social and emotional elements which help children recognize other facets of their individual identity. In addition, they are encouraged through our school values and our school behavior program to monitor their behavior to match their values and their view of themselves as positive, successful people.

Beyond PHDS

Our Day School Graduates are prepared for and excel in whatever academic setting they choose to pursue after graduation. They attend both private and public schools, some of the finest high schools in the state and in the country.  Graduates consistently test in the top 3% on both the SAT and ACT, and go on to succeed at the top Colleges and Universities around the world.   They are Doctors, Lawyers, Educators, and Businessmen.  They are fine members of our world community.